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The Story Between the Pages is a documentary. The Story Between the Pages supported by a Research and Professional Development grant from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

This video documentary follows one dance company's journey in producing a completed work for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival in 2007.  The interviews with dancers, choreographers and other collaborators highlights the complexity of creating a dance work in a confined amount of time, and with a limited budget and resources.  It also touches on the interpersonal relationships and dynamics of the directors, dancers and collaborators.  The Story Between the Pagesencapsulates the process of creating the dance and the process of capturing the events on camera. 

From the Top: The Making of Quiescence was Joe’l Ludovich’s Master of Fine Arts thesis project. The film follows Myra Bazell as she created a work for the 2000 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. With interviews with dancers and musicians, most of the footage is of performance and rehearsals. The dancers comment on their experience in a non-traditional documentary style. This was the first “process” dance documentary of Joe'l's collection. Joel continued to shoot Myra Bazell’s work for the next 10 years.

The Unbirth is a short black and white 16 mm film with sync sound produced on mag stock and edited on a Steenbeck editing system. It is an experimental film that is from the point of view of a fetus’ journey through images of violence in real life and animated scenes and the choice it makes to ultimately abort itself. Very abstract in its delivery, the images are accompanied with a sound track by Diamanda Galas.

Copyright 1995 jml productions.

The Brian Dennis Project is a 40-minute documentary that follows an installation artist, Brian David Dennis as he creates a site-specific installation for the Philadelphia Art Alliance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This documentary chronicles Brian’s year long journey, from being invited to produce a work in a specific location in the Art Alliance, through the development of his concept, deciding on materials, constructing and installation of the piece. Subtly, woven through the piece are the adversities that he faces.

Co-produced and Directed by: Joe’l Ludovich & Katherine Sender
Director Of Photography & Camera: Joe’l Ludovich
Edited by: Katherine Sender
Original Music Score: Blue EagleVisit: