Joe'l Ludovich

Joe'l Ludovich


Telly Award 2017-Michele Balan Live-Director of Production. First Sight Media, LLC-this is Joe'l Ludovich's 6th Telly Award.

Joe'l Ludovich is a three-time Emmy nominated producer and winner of several Telly and Communicator awards for Philly LIVE. Philly LIVE also received a Pennsylvania Broadcaster’s award. As well as, a Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination in 2001 for “Best Talk Show Series.”

Joe'l Ludovich's independent film credits include the following:

The UnBirth, a short 16mm B&W film, has been screened in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Philadelphia. It was winner of the "Best of Film to Tape", at California Arts University and an Audience Choice award at The Albany International Film Festival.

Cradle, an experimental dance video, in which Joe'l Ludovich was the director of photography,

co-producer and co-director, has been screened at the Philadelphia Film Festival (2003), Lady Fest Philly (2003), and Motion Pictures I (2003), a dance on film program. Also at the Prince Music Theatre. In 2009, it showed at WomynFest's 10th Anniversary.

From the Top: The Making of Quiescence screened at Motion Pictures II in 2004.

The Man with the Magic Hands, in 2008, a documentary, was recognized with two Telly awards.

The Brian Dennis Project, in 2010, was screened at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival.